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Visit Spa Asiana for the smooth, soft, and beautiful skin you’ve been after! We treat your skin with only 100% natural ingredients that not only make your skin look fantastic but nourish it as well. We offer customized facials at our London spa tailored to meet your needs and skin care goals.

The Detox Facial

For All Skin Types

This deep cleansing treatment will help cellular detoxification inside and out. It activates the skin's own detox system and stimulates cell regeneration. It is the first step towards healthier, more vital and radiant skin.

Time: 1 hour
Single Treatment: $90.00

The Hydra Gene Moisturizing Facial

Dry, Dehydrated Skin

The aim of this facial is to refresh and restore optimal hydration to dry, dehydrated skin through cellular bio-revitalization and reactivation of one's own hydrating genes. This restorative moisturizing treatment puts an end to the unpleasant feelings of discomfort with skin that feels stretched and dry, leaving the skin glowing and radiant.

Time: 1 hour & half
Single Treatment: $150.00

The Oxygen + Detox Facial

Energizing & Anti Stress for All Skin Types

A revitalizing treatment which brings deep cellular detoxification for improved cellular vitality & bio-revitalization. The special oxygen mask re-energizes tired skin and leaves the complexion vibrant and healthy.

Probiotic Purifying Facial

Oily, Acne Skin

This treatment stimulates cellular bio-revitalization, rebalancing the skin's ecosystem. It rebalances sebum production, making dilated pores and imperfections less evident for flawless skin and a smooth complexion.

Time: 1 hour & half
Single Treatment: $150.00

Skin Defense Calming Facial

Sensitive, Reactive, Rosacea

A treatment specifically designed to care for hypersensitive and reactive skins as well as rosacea/couperose skins. This treatment restores the skin's natural defenses, making it less sensitive while increasing its tolerance to cosmetics and external attack. Reduces inflammation and redness, leaving the skin calm, supple and moist.

Time: 90 minutes

Single Treatment: $150.00

The Men's Facial

Our customized men's facial targets the specific needs of men's skin which is thicker but still subject to daily aggression, shaving, stress and accumulation of toxins. This facial boosts cells regeneration for a stronger, healthier, refreshed skin.

Time: 1 hour
Single Treatment: $150.00

Ageless Eye & Lip Treatment

This treatment is fundamental for the prevention and reduction of expression lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye and lip areas. Specifically designed to protect the collagen and elastic fibers from breaking down, this treatment also improves the resistance of the capillary walls, fighting the formation of wrinkles, dark circles and bags. 

Available on its own for $45.00 or as add-on to any facial for $30.00

The Anti-Age Facial

Prevention and Correction

Through increased cellular bio-revitalization, this anti-age treatment combats wrinkles and loss of elasticity. With re-densifying actions that help the process of cell regeneration, fight skin sagging and reduce the number and depth of wrinkles on the face and around the eyes and lips.

Time: 90 minutes
Single Treatment: $150.00


The Sublime High Definition Correction Facial

Wrinkles, Pores, Spots

This instant retouch facial treatment is ideal for special events or for those on the quest for perfect skin. This facial reduces wrinkles, pores, dullness, spots and uneven skin colour and other irregularities.

The complexion appears smoother, more luminous and vibrant.
Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes

The Perfection Facial

Prevent and Treat Skin Ageing

This treatment reinforces the skin's defenses, increases regeneration and reduces signs of skin ageing and stress. This "shock treatment" features a high concentration of pure Vitamin C, Asthantaxin and other active ingredients so the skin will be brighter, appear younger and be more nourished. 

Time: 90 minutes
Single Treatment: $150.00

The V-Lift Facial

This is a skin lifting and tightening treatment to counteract the loss of firmness and sagging of face contour without surgery. Featuring the miracle "Collagen lift peptide" and the "instant lift system” to combat the loss of firmness, tone and definition in the contours of the face and neck. In just 1 treatment the contours of the face will look more defined and sculpted.

Time: 90 minutes
Single Treatment: $150.00

The Youth Venom Stone Facial

An advanced treatment to relax and smooth wrinkles and expression lines. This marvel of beauty facial includes the use of a new ingredient that acts similarly to the potent venom produced by a sea shell. This facial diminishes the depth of wrinkles and increases skin density to instantly provide more elastic, smooth and toned skin.

Time: 90 minutes
Single Treatment: $150.00

White Light Facial

Grey, Dull Complexion, Uneven Skin Tone, Dark Spots

Most women’s skin will be affected by the passing of time, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, medical treatments, excessive sun exposure, pollution, and irritants. The result may be depressing and unsightly blemishes that will affect self-esteem. The reason for this type of flaw is a lack of communication among the skin cells, which, in turn, alters how skin pigmentation – melanin – is produced, leading to developing dark spots and an uneven skin tone. The skin will then lose its ability to reflect the light, so it will appear less radiant and youthful. Our white light facial will help counteract these effects.

Time: 90 minutes
Single Treatment: $150.00

White Light Facial

Facial Skin Rejuvenation


Dermaplaning immediately rejuvenates the skin by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair. It is also highly effective in minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, dull and dry skin, a sallow complexion, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation. Dermaplaning is a physical/mechanical exfoliation that is extremely safe when performed by a professionally trained skin care specialist.

Single Treatment: $150.00

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